UNFI Trade Show

We are happy to  say that we recently attended our first trade show. It was a hectic and exciting experience and we are looking forward to the next one. Being a new company, we were on a shoestring budget. But that didn't stop us from impressing the trade show sponsors.

On our first day we had people running up to ask us about our products and sample them. Everyone loved our coconut spreads and the overall response was that they had never had anything like it. They were all highly impressed with the quality of our coconut oil, as well. The most memorable response was from one of the UNFI managers who came to speak to us. While He spoke to me, Dan was speaking to the owners of a very large co-op on the west coast. The owner of the co-op was so impressed that he made an order for some of everything we had on the table. At that moment the UNFI manager's eyes popped out of his head and he went into shock at what he had just witnessed. Just that experience made the whole trip worth while, not to mention the vast amount of knew knowledge that we acquired about this industry.

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