Getting Our Start

Thank you for visiting our site. Since this is our first post, I believe it would be appropriate to introduce ourselves. Banka Naturals began in late 2015 and we just began selling in spring of 2016. We are currently based in Fairbanks, Alaska. Which is why we can offer discounts to Alaskan customers. Yes, we are new to the scene and we have very much enjoyed getting up and going. Currently, we have two people running the show, myself (Mike) and my good friend (Dan). Both of us come from technical backgrounds. I have backgrounds in Chemistry, Aviation and Engineering and Dan is a Senior Network Technician for a large telecom company in Alaska. Since Dan has family ties in the Philippines, we decided it would be a great opportunity to import products that we, ourselves look for. Being that our company has family ties in the Philippines (Dan lives there part time, with his wife), we have ties to the area and we meet directly with our producers. In fact, the little hut on our label is from a photo I took of Dan's aunt's little beach resort in the Phillipines. We have a hand in all that happens here, from arranging for supplies, to labels, to shipping it to you.

When we began, we were both adamant that the products we imported should be of the highest quality available and all organic. We absolutely did not want any products that contained preservatives or artificial flavor enhancers. I will not allow MSG or aspartame in my house, so why would I want to sell it to someone else? I was very pleased to find that the Filipino producers we met were absolutely committed to all natural products as well. In fact if they can't produce it without artificial ingredients, they WON'T produce it. I found that the coconut oil produced by our partners is superior to any I have ever tried. most coconut oils I have had, had a slightly or even heavy powdery texture. Ours had absolutely none. The coconut spreads that we sell were unique to the market and the coconut sugar lacks the somewhat burned taste that I have found in others. suffice it to say, the products that we carry were produced with great care and attention to quality.

Many of our local customers have come back to us and told us that our oil is the best they have ever had and that our coconut spreads are like nothing they have ever tried and we expect that you will find the same to be true. As we grow, we hope to add to our inventory. We expect to be adding new products to our site in the coming months and, of course, my wife is making plans for some organic Alaskan products, as well.

Thank you for visiting

Be well- Be Organic

Mike and Dan


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