Coconut Oil - Cuts Grease Better Than Commercial Hand Cleaners.

For those who work on cars, trucks, machinery, pipes, or other dirty and greasy items, like I often do, you know how difficult it can be to really get your hands clean afterward. Even if the hand cleaner gets the stuff off, your fingers still have a stubborn greasy tinge that just won't come out of the crevices in your fingertips. It might be crevices in your natural prints or it might be cracks caused by excessive use of cleaners and soaps. In some cases, it might be so difficult to get off that you resort to washing your hands in gasoline or diesel first, then moving on to the hand cleaners. I have done this on occasion, especially after getting that dreaded "black death" acoustical sealant on my hands while putting vapor barrier in a house.

Well, one day I was doing just that. I had black acoustical sealant all over my hands and couldn't find any hand cleaner and I really didn't want to resort to gasoline. It stinks, it destroys your skin and the thought of carcinogens, like xylene and benzene going through my skin and into my bloodstream just wasn't too appealing. But I did happen to have a jar of Virgin Coconut Oil in the kitchen. So I thought I would try it. As soon as it melted in my hands, the "black death" began to dissolve right off of my skin. After a couple of minutes of rubbing, I was able to wipe it off with a paper towel. No hand cleaner I have ever used can remove acoustic sealant like that. The legendary "black death", which got it's name from the fact that virtually nothing can remove it, was no match for the cleaning power of Virgin Coconut Oil. Next, I started using it to remove old grease after changing out an engine on a Chevy van.

Since then, I no longer buy hand cleaners. I just keep a bottle of Virgin Coconut Oil next to the sink, in the garage, or in the car on long trips and I use that. I don't even need soap and water to wash the oil off afterward. I just wipe the excess off and I'm done. Nothing removes grease like Virgin Coconut Oil, not even gasoline. In fact, Virgin Coconut Oil is so good at removing grease, it will suck the grease right out of your fingerprints, leaving no sign that you were ever working in the garage. In addition to leaving your hands clean, it acts as a moisturizer and actually prevents your skin from cracking, instead of causing it to crack like regular grease cutters and hand cleaners. So, if you often work in the garage, like I do and you want to be cleaned up nicely for- whatever, then try Banka Naturals' Virgin Coconut Oil. We carry this in jars or in one gallon pails.

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